Why Pencil In? Small Business Management app

We are an Australian software company that aims to bring small businesses the best small business management app. Australian businesses have been held back by overpriced software. Small businesses need simple software. Software has to be mobile so it can travel with the business whilst they deliver their services. At Pencil In we have the following philosophy

  • Running a business doesn't have to be hard and mobile technology is the key to simplifying it
  • Small businesses have been held back by expensive and cumbersome tools that slow them down
  • Small businesses need help. Meeting the everchanging customer expectations is tough. Pencil In can take care of this for them.
  • We grow with our customers

A message from the founders

We are here to help. We know what it is like to be a small business. We have lived and breathed the day to day frustrations of trying to grow your business with old expensive software tools. Our goal is to make sure we can help you control and automate the controllable; bookings, payments, reminders etc.  Let’s keep things simple. As we grow together, in true partnership, we hope our relationship will reap the rewards of loyalty and hard work. This is why we started Pencil In.