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Scheduling Simplified

Your service schedule is the heart of your business. The Pencil In Scheduler makes it easy for clients to find and enroll in your classes. Just update your Pencil In Schedule, and let your clients handle the rest. They look through the schedule using customised filters, book a class or appointment, edit their profile, and set their payment methods.

“Prior to Pencil In, I was just running a spreadsheet and honestly taking up at least 10 hours out of my week. We have over 100 bookings each week, and as you can imagine there are going to be some changes, amendments with mums bookings, cancellations. Now that I have implemented Pencil In that is down to about 30 minutes so it is saving me a lot of time”.

Jack Seymour, Owner | Fitmamma


Track Attendance

Manage classroom attendance. Track members and check them in. Tired of no-shows? Get more data about your customer base. See who books and never shows. Get more insight into your customers’ behaviour, so you know who is at risk of leaving.

Scheduler Manage Bookings

Manage Staff Timetable

Manage all of your appointments and your classes from one single view. Track your daily sessions, as well as your team’s, from the Pencil In Scheduler.

Scheduler Class Room

Create Appointments

Create appointments with a single click of the button. Avoid double bookings by keeping your schedule up to date in real-time. Save time by allowing customers to book through the Pencil In app.

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